The Boys Mentoring Camp

Discipline, Mentoring, Exercise, Culture and Education Camp for Boys

The Boys Camp          

Welcome to the home page of The Boys Camp! This program is being sponsored by Giving Initiatives and Alternatives, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  To donate to this program go to 


We have adopted Yeager Middle School at 4000 Kings Highway, Douglasville, GA 30135 and Factory Shoals Middle School to provide mentoring services. We also meet for private mentoring sessions, by appointment, at the office of G.I.A. Inc., 7274 Bankhead Hwy, Suite E, Douglasville. Just give us a call at (973) 454-8603.

This camp is a mentoring program designed for boys from the age of 7 up to 19 and shall incorporate the training of all boys (including at-risk boys) from all cultural backgrounds.  Training in the areas of discipline, grooming, health, respect, responsibility, etiquette, physical exercise, reading and communication skills and even cooking instruction is provided.

 We Need More Men and Women to Volunteer as Mentors!

We are thankful to all those who have volunteered in the past. 


Our program is designed to assist in the fight against obesity and bullying.  Our goal is to help prepare the boys to become more productive at home, in school and in society in general, by exposing them to positive role models and engaging them with hands-on skills training in the areas of video production, photography, farming and other career options.

Currently this school program is FREE.  Our ultimate goal is to provide all of our programs free but we do need and accept donations. 

During our other hours there is an hourly rate of $10.00 for the sessions. 

Call Now for more information at 


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