The Boys Mentoring Camp

Discipline, Mentoring, Exercise, Culture and Education Camp for Boys

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In 2008, the founder, A. Omar Muhammad decided it was time for him to make a real difference in the lives of boys ages 7 through 17.  With that thought he put his idea to work in developing a program that would truly make a difference and change the lives of the young men who entered the camp.  With so many single family households and parents who are working many hours each day, The Boys Camp can fill a much needed void in the community and help mold boys into productive young citizens and prepare them for manhood. 

The program is advised for any boys between the ages of 7 and 19 who need assistance in the areas of discipline, responsibility, respect for others, home and school behavior issues and more. Our goal is to provide instruction in a serious but caring manner and to provide information that is not normally provided in many households today.  Our instruction also includes the opportunity to learn about video production equipment and also get exposure to other community professionals who can inspire them to do better in school and at home.

Our class lessons will include talks on respect, responsibility, grooming, school focus, conduct at home, preparation for the future.  The instruction will be primarily provided by men and given to boys, thus the program name, "The Boys Camp".  We will provide instruction in a very caring way but will also speak firmly based on the individual needs of the attendees.  In our ongoing fight against obesity, we will also engage the boys in exercise, encourage them to eat healthy and to work out regularly.  We also have an ongoing campaign against bullying.

The Jesse Davis Park sessions are not currently schedule but please inquire and let us know if you would like us to resume sessions at that location.

Mentoring sessions and Video Production classes are given by appointment and are normally held, by appointment only, Saturdays at 7274 Bankhead Hwy., Suite E, Douglasville.   

You are always welcome to call us at (973) 454-8603 or send an email to mailto:[email protected]